Bhutan it's known by many names: "The Land of Peaceful Thunder Dragon", "The Forbidden Kingdom", "Southern Valley of Medicinal Herbs". Bhutan is known hidden in the eastern folds of the Himalayas. The total area of Bhutan is 18,000 sq miles, (47,000 Bhutan is bordered by Tibet in the north, Sikkim in the west and indian in the east.
Bhutan Travel Information
» Introduction

Bhutan - called by its people Druk Yul, "the Land of the Thunder Dragon" -- is home to a remarkable variety of climates and ecosystems. It is often reversed as the 'Land of the peaceful Dragon' is still regarded as one of the last "Shangri-La" in the Himalayan region because of its remoteness, it's spectacular mountain terrain, varied flora and fauna and it's unique ancient Buddhist monasteries. It is known hidden in the eastern folds of the Himalayas. The 18,000 sq miles, (47,000 area of Bhutan is bordered by Tibet in the north, Sikkim in the west and indian in the east.

Bhutan is rich in its natural assets & also one of the last areas still pristine in all its nature. The main remarkable features of Bhutan includes rare botanical plants, the colorful bird-life etc. The scenic beauty of the countryside is really a treat for every young & old. It holds many surprises and a visit to the country is a splended adventure. It is often compared to Switzerland, not only because many parts of Bhutan look like Swiss Alps, with green hills, houses that look like chalets and snow peaks sticking out of nowhere.


Facts and Figures
Location 150-km from Siliguri to Phyntsholing, Bhutan Border
Area 46,500 sq. km
Capital Thimphu
Climate Summers : Max: 26° C, Min : 13° C.
Winters : Max :17° C, Min : Below 0° C.
Languages Dzongkha, English, Nepali.
STD Code 975
Best Time To Visit March to August
Average Altitude 7,554m

» Destinations
Thimphu:- Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan, lies at a height of over 2400m (8000ft) in a fertile valley. It is located in the west of Bhutan. Thimphu is its culture and its natural beauty, both of them giving it a unique advantage. It provides ample opportunities for hiking, trekking, river rafting, and wildlife excursions.


Trashi Chhode Dzong National Library National Memorial Chorten
SAARC Building National Institute for Zorig Chumsum Jigme Dorji National Park


Paro:- Paro is the airport of Bhutan. The town is located at an altitude of 2,250 m above the sea level with river flowing gently on its side and making it the most beautiful valley in the country. The valley of Paro contains a wealth of attractions and requires a few days to be properly explored.


Drukgyel Dzong National Museum Ugyen Pelri Palace
Chhoeten Lhakhang Druk Choeding Dumtse Lhakhang


Punakha:- Punakha is the former capital of the country lies about 30 km northeast of Thimphu. It is a lovely valley with great scenic views and many sacred temples. It houses the magnificent Punakha Dzong on the confluence of the Mo Chu and Po Chu rivers.


Punakha Dzong Chhimi Lhakhang Limbhukha
Khamsum Yuelley Namgyal Jigme Dorji National Park  


Wangdue Phodrang:- This wind swept town is an hour's drive from Punakha. Wangduephodrang Dzong is the town's most visible feature. The Dzong is open for visitors during the annual festival celebrated in autumn. It's known for its slate and stone carvings and bamboo work.


Rinchengang Village Phobjikha Valley Gangtey Goenpa

Gasa:- The village of Gasa is north of Punakha and the only way to get there is on foot. A dip in the hot springs at Gasa is a treat for fatigued trekkers.



Trashi Thongmoen Dzong Jigme Dorji National Park  

Laya:- Laya, in the far north-west of Bhutan, is one of the kindom's highest villages at 3700m (12,136ft), under the daunting peak of the Tsenda Gang. A group known as Layap, comprising about 800 people with their own language, customs and dress, lives here.

Trongsa:- Trongsa is about a four-hour drive from Wangduephodrang and is right in the middle of Bhutan. It's the ancestral home of the royal family. Besides from the breathtaking scenery, the most notable feature in Trongsa is the Trongsa Dzong.



Trongsa Dzong Ta Dzong Kuenga Rabten
Chendebji Chorten    

Bumthang:- It's about two and half hours from Trongsa. Located in the east-central part of the country this small town is surrounded by heavenly apple groves. There are many temples and monasteries in the Bumthang region, some of which are the oldest in Bhutan. Bumthang is one of the most beautiful places in Bhutan.



Jakar Dzong Jambey Lhakhang Kurje Lhakhang
Tamshing Lhakhang Thangbi Temple Ura Village
Thrumshing La National Park    

Mongar:- The drive from Bumthang to Mongar is an exhilarating eight hours, particularly the Thrumshing La (pass), which peaks at 3,750 meters. Mongar's main attraction is the Mongar Dzong, which is more modern than most dzongs in Bhutan.



Mongar Dzong Thrumshing La National Park Bomdeling Wildlife Sanctuary

Lhuentse:- Lhuntse is about a three-hour drive north of Mongar. The landscape consists of stark cliffs, gorges, and thick forests. The Lhuntse Dzong is worth seeing for its beauty and location it overlooks the Kuri Chu Valley. Lhuntse is also known for its weaving, brocade, and basket-making.


Trashigang:- The pretty, lively town of Trashigang is a good jumping-off point to visit the kingdom's wild east. The town, also high up on a mountains, is busier than any other Bhutanese town. The 17th-Century Dzong is built on top of a cliff on the edge of town. The views from the courtyard of the Dzong are wonderful.



Gom Kora Bomdeling Wildlife Sanctuary Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary

Trashi Yangste:- It makes for a nice day excursion from Trashigang. It's a small, pretty, quiet town. The people are known for making wooden bowls and containers, which are said to be the best in Bhutan. Tashiyangtese Dzong is a half-hour walk from the road. The monk body leaves the monastery during the winter for warmer surroundings.


Samdrup Jongkhar:- It's a 180 km drive from Trashigang to Samdrup Jongkhar. this is a great scenic drive. The primary reason for driving to Samdrup Jongkhar would be to reach the nearest airport at Guwahati in Indian State of Assam, from where you can fly to Calcutta or New Delhi.


Royal Manas National Park Khaling Wildlife Sanctuary Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary


» Travel Information

Druk-Air - the airlines of Bhutan
:-Druk-Air is the only airline that operates from Paro in Bhutan to Bangkok in Thailand, Calcutta & Delhi in India, Dhaka in Bangladesh and Kathmandu in Nepal. We will assist you in preparing the Druk-Air sectors, purchasing and sending you the Tickets.
» Packages

Central Bhutan Jambay Lhakhang Festival Tour Bumthang Cultural Trek
Central Bhutan Tamshing Festival Tour The Bhutan Explorer Tour
The Essence of Bhutan Tour Grand Tour Package
Kingdom in The Sky Tour Juhmolhari Trek Package
Land of Thunder Dragon Tour Laya and Masa Gang Tour
Paro Festival Tour Package Sacred Valley Trek
Shangri La Tour Package The Lhuntshi Trek
Sacred Summits of Bhutan Tour Thimphu Festival Tour
West to East Bhutan Cultural Tour The Wild Luana Trek
Windows to Bhutan Tour Package Druk Path Trek
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