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Greece Travel Information
» Introduction

Greece is well known for the Mythology and the famous Gods of Olympus mountain. It boasts more than 160 populated islands, an astoundingly diverse landscape, as much coastline as France, key historical sites of Western civilization and an Eastern-influenced exoticism rarely experienced elsewhere in Europe.

It is the land of bright sun, dazzling light, mesmerizing art, striking nature, superb museums, luxurious hotels, vibrant nightlife and hospitable people and most of all it is the safest country of Europe. These reaffirming delights are compelling enough reasons for all the travelers to put Greece on their must visit list. Greece is endowed with a magnificent wealth of flora and fauna and is sanctified with most beautiful and striking scenery on the planet. Sandy beaches, rocks, lagoons, dunes, river estuaries, coastal swamps, islets, underwater meadows, and reef create a special, valuable natural and tourist resource.

Facts and Figures

Location It is located in Southern Europe.

31,940 sq. km

Capital Athens

Greek and English

Best Time To Visit

April to Mid June.

» Destinations
Athens:- In the 8th-century BC Athens became the artistic centre of Greece. In 1834, Athens became the capital of independent Greece. Within Athens there are no less than eight hills, of which the Acropolis and Lycabettus are the most prominent.
The Acropolis The Theatre of Dionysos The Keramikos
The Acropolis Museum National Archaeological Museum The Agora
Athos:- Athos is an experience of a lifetime. It’s purely one of the most striking places on Earth, more like a desire than what we know of as truth. Enormous monasteries, like castles or fortresses dot the coast and appear on the mountain slopes. There are virgin forests and animals that are found nowhere but here. The seashore is conceivably the most stunning in the Aegean, perfect and hardly ever used for swimming.

Monastery of Saint Simonopetra

Monastery of Saint Dionysiou

Skete of Saint Andrew

Monastery of Saint Esphigmenou

Monastery of Saint Docheiariou

Lavra of Saint Athanasios

Cyclades:- In a splendid fusion of sunlight, stone, and dazzling azure sea, the 30 islands that make up the Cyclades offer both ethnicity and pleasure-seeking: ancient sites, Byzantine castles, museums and vigorous nightlife, shopping, dining, and beaches plain and fancy. The Cyclades glow with bare sun baked rocks, stunning sunsets and partying till dawn.
Mykonos Delos Naxos
Syros Tinos  
Meteora:- Meteora is one of the most enthralling places in Europe. Huge vertical rocks topped by middle-ages structures form a spectacular sight. It’s one of Greece’s premier traveler attractions, and nothing can overwhelm the tranquillity and exquisiteness of the setting.

The Monastery of the Transfiguration

The Monastery of the Transfiguration


The Monastery of St. Nicolas

The Monastery of the Holy Trinity

St. Stephen

Mt. Olympus:- Mt. Olympus is the most famous mountain in Europe. It’s the highest Greek mountain and one of the highest in the whole of the Balkan peninsula. Mt Olympus is famous for its rich flora, which includes a great many rare plants, among them several which are endemic specifically to this mountain. As far as fauna is concerned, herds of charmois and golden eagles are common as well as some smaller animals and birds.

Dionysios monastery

Enipeas ravine


The Sanctuary of Isis

Nauplio:-Nauplio has two hilltop Venetian fortresses, a miniature castle on an island in the harbor, shady parks, an fascinating variety of small museums, admirable hotels, restaurants, and shops. It is far and away the most delightful town in the Peloponnese. The town is a stroller’s delight, one of the immense delight here is simply wandering along the harbor, through the parks and up and down the stepped side streets, discovering unanticipated medieval fountains and small churches.




Northern Greece:- Greece is a enthralling Mediterranean country, with some of the most stunning scenery on the planet, world class monuments and comfortable accommodation. Greece is the home of Western civilization, contemporary philosophy and the Olympic Games. Apart from the well known islands and resorts of the southern part of the country, there is another part of Greece, striking, pure, green and very pleasing: Northern Greece is what the rest of Greece used to be decades ago. It is full of castles and Byzantine towers, medieval bridges and old villages, matching their exclusive architecture with nature in ideal accord.
Thick woodland, green pastures, rich flora and fauna, little visited archaeological sites, hidden in deep canyons, lush forests or isolated coasts, amazing vistas and centuries’ old civilization make Northern Greece the eventual destination for the connoisseur of superior travel and the explorer alike. Wild valleys, Swiss-like landscapes of pines and streams, in the midst of which are nestled old world mansions awaiting to accommodate the smart traveler.
Pelion:- Astonishing landscapes, lucious nature, sandy beaches, crystal clear sea, spring water falls, winding cobble-stoned paths, and a bunch of completely preserved traditional villages.Pelion is full of magic and scenes of tremendous beauty, and is the idyllic destination to visit all year round. During the summer the gleaming crystal clean waters and golden sandy beaches of Pelion come alive. Mt Pelion is also cooler than other parts of Greece during the summer, due to the thick vegetation and lush forests that cover most of its slopes.
Makrinitsa Portaria Zagora
Tsangarada Vizitsa Milies

Peloponnese :- Mani - Grey rocky mountains, spotted with insolent clumps of green scrub, characterise Mani region of the Peloponnese.
Olympia – It is one of the most significant sanctuaries of ancient times, Olympia is the birth-place of the Olympic Games and also where they were held.
Monemvasia - Nicknamed the Gibraltar of Greece or just the Rock, because of its deliberate significance during the Middle Ages. A word is getting out that in addition to its medieval fortress, gorgeous churches, and drop-dead sunsets, it has several of the most stylish small hotels in the Peloponnese, increasingly good restaurants and draws visitors year-round.
Mystras - It is an unoccupied city from the Byzantine era, with fortress, palaces, churches, monasteries and the houses of the rich and the poor. It is analogous only with Mount Athos in its intense spirit of Byzantium.






Samothrace:- It’s an island for the audacious traveler who wants to know more about nature and ancient history. Stunning forests, waterfalls which form innumerable pools on the slopes of the mountain, crystal clear blue seas, rich flora and fauna, and most of all, memorable ancient sites, castles, churches and pagan celebrations. The larger part of the island is mountainous forming the mountain range Saos with high impressive peaks.





Thessaloniki:- Thessaloniki is Greece’s second largest city with a population of 1,500,000. It is a lively metropolis, and immense industrial center. It’s a very progressive city, with a long tradition in Literature, Science, Arts and Architecture.

White Tower

The Arch of Galerius

Museum of Modern Design

Panagia Halkeon

Church of St. Sophia

Church of the Virgin Achiropitos

Museum of Modern Art

Thessaloniki Art Gallery

Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum


The Museum of Folklore

The Byzantine Museum
The cathedral Museum of Industrial Design

The Church of the Holy Apostles

Vergina & Pella :- Vergina is a village, about an hour’s drive from Thessaloniki. It’s included in the World Heritage List and is protected by UNESCO. The local museum hosts treasures, comparable among grave furnishings only to those discovered by Schliemann at Mycenae.
In Pella people come to see the extraordinary mosaics discovered in the remains of houses and public buildings. The museum is one of Greeces best on-site archaeology museums with a display of pottery, jewelry and mosaics found at the site.

The Leukadia Tombs

The Naoussa Vineyards


Zagoria & Dodoni :- Steep slopes, ever-green conifers, stone houses with slate and slanted roofs, stolid villagers in traditional clothing speaking a Latin-based language -- if this is true, you must be in Switzerland. But no, its Zagoria, in Epirus. Occasionally jammed with excursionists, these traditional area still come through as an bona fide locale, stimulating in the summer and revitalizing in the winter ski season. What the region does offer is hiking through, around and above deep canyons, bizarre rock formations, and gray stone and slate villages contentedly bereft of foreigners. It seems that you are entering an charmed kingdom.
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Galileo:- Feel as if you are a part of history on board the Galileo, a motor-sailer of spotless beauty. more...
Pantheon:- You may want to relax or you may choose to seek adventure. The sleek PANTHEON will be your home as you decide which direction to explore. more...

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