Bhutan it's known by many names: "The Land of Peaceful Thunder Dragon", "The Forbidden Kingdom", "Southern Valley of Medicinal Herbs". Bhutan is known hidden in the eastern folds of the Himalayas. The total area of Bhutan is 18,000 sq miles, (47,000 Bhutan is bordered by Tibet in the north, Sikkim in the west and indian in the east.
Tibet Travel Information
» Introduction

Tibet is located at the Southwest part of China, with a land area of 1.22 million square kilometers. It is also known as "Roof of The World". Its snow covered plateau are the highest in the world. Traveling to Tibet is an incredible journey in which one can see the world's highest mountains, travel on the world's highest plains, meet nomadic herdsmen and pilgrims and walk amidst the burning butter lamps & chanting monks of Tibet's ancient and legendary Buddhist monasteries. Tibet borders India, Burma, Bhutan, Sikkim, and Nepal. Western Tibet, Ngari , is a vast barren plateau and renowned as the Roof of Tibet.

Adventure on the road is never short on the beautiful Trans-Himalayan drive of over 970-kms, through four mountain passes, promising a panorama of a cultural and scenic diversity unsurpassable anywhere. Norbulingka or the Summer Palace and the Potala - the Traditional Seat are some of the highlights of visit.


Facts and Figures


470-kms From Bhutan


1,221,700 Sq. km




Summers : nearly 29 degrees C.
Winters : nearly -16 degrees C.



Best Time To Visit

April To Beginning of November.

Average Altitude

» Destinations

Lhasa:- Lhasa is the capital city of Tibet, It covers an area of 544 square kilometers and is "The Land of Gods". Lhasa is famed as "The City of Sunshine". It is the center of Tibet's political, economic, cultural and religious activities. This vibrant city has unique scenery, long history, exotic culture, mysterious religion and spectacular monuments.


Potala Palace Jokhang Temple Sera Monastery
Ganden Monastery Barkhor Street Drepung Monastery


Chamdo:- Chamdo is located in the east of China Tibet and covers an area of 108,600 square km. It is one of the centers with the most fauna and flora in the world. It is also famous for its own handicrafts and carving in Tibetan culture style.

Zezhol Monastery Chamdo Town Chambaling Monastery
Qambaling Monastery Yanjing Nature Reserve Riwoqe Monastery


Nagqu:- Nagqu lies in the northern part of the Tibet covering an area of some 400,000 square kilometers. It has good transport facilities and a unique landscape and historical sites. It is warm place and here you can enjoy good weather.


Lake Nam Co Chongquenkadu Pasture Qiangtang Grassland
Zhoima Canyon Spot    


Shannan:- Shannan occupies one fifteenth of the total land area of the tibet. It has many kinds of flora and fauna. The region is full of vegetables, fruits. The city is enriched with wild plant resources. It is one of the major grain and oil producing regions in Tibet.


Samyae Monastery Trandruk Monastery Dratang Monastery
Changzhug Monastery Minzohling Monastery Yamzho Yumco
Chim-puk Hermitage kanggardu Mountain Yombulagang Palace
Tibetan Kings Tomb    


Nyangchi:- Nyingchi, "throne of the sun" in Tibetan, is located in southeast Tibet. With green mountain slopes, snow-capped peaks and crystal-clear rivers, Nyingchi looks just like heaven on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. The Medong Nature Reserve is famed for its great variety of rare species of plants.


Basumco Lake Namjabarwa Peak Lake Ra'og Coi
Gyaxing Valley Waterfall of Curtains Zayu Landscape Pungri Holy Mountain


Shigatse:- The town of Shigatse is called "Center of Rear Tibet", sits at the confluence of Nyangchu and Yarlung Tsangbo Rivers about 250 kilometers to the west of Lhasa. It is famous for its rich cultural tradition, majestic monasteries, breath-taking scenery and convenient location.


Basumco Lake Namjabarwa Peak Lake Ra'og Coi
Gyaxing Valley Waterfall of Curtains Zayu Landscape Pungri Holy Mountain


» Travel Information

By Air:
Kathmandu and Chengdu Gongkar Airport, Tibet.
By Bus: (1) Zhangmu (2) Simikot (Nepal) -Khojarnath-Purang (3) Golmud - Lhasa (4) Kashgar- Yecheng - West Tibet (5) India - Lipu Lek Pass - Purang - Kailash.

» Packages

Tibet Tour Dza Rongphu E.B.C. Tour Kathmandu Tibet Tour
Central Tibet Overland Tour Lhasa Tibet Tour Lhasa Tour Package
Tibet Travel Package Kathmandu Lhasa Tour Lhasa City Tour
Lhasa Monastery Tour Travel to Lhasa  


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